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How my confidence levels have developed during my second year of university

I began my second year of university like many others, filled with uncertainty. The move to online university had dented my confidence, as all the career-related skills I had learned needed to be reshaped to work online.

Thinking about the start of the year, I realise that I lacked the confidence to go for opportunities or new experiences within the university that were outside my comfort zone. I was afraid of being rejected from these opportunities and for that to knock my confidence further. …

Exploring my career readiness and careers paths.

This way or that way signposts
This way or that way signposts
This way that way signposts

When I entered university, I thought I knew what psychology encompassed and I had my heart set on pursuing a career in clinical psychology and mental health. As this is often considered one of the most popular career goals in psychology and also one of the most competitive, this career path felt unobtainable at the start of university. Initially, I was told that to be a clinical psychologist you needed to be extremely passionate about the role and committed to the extensive journey and training needed to land what at the time I thought was my dream role. …

Eve Edmonds

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